I have THOUGHTS. Not to be confused with thoughts or Thoughts. THOUGHTS are when an idea burrows into your brain with a fervor that compels you to share whatever it is immediately or you might just implode. THOUGHTS mean the whole world needs to know and needs to know now exactly why the greatest show that’s ever existed is the latest leftovers-themed trash TV on Netflix or about why gaming reached its peak with a Disney/Final Fantasy mashup released in 2005. It means a fascination and overanalysis of everything from thinly-veiled coping mechanisms disguised as useful information to explorations of the most low-brow internet, pop-culture, travel, reading, and fashion phenomena.

So welcome, welcome to a collection of THOUGHTS.

I’m Tired Of Waking Up To A World On Fire

You know those pictures of cute little raccoons in big fluffy blankets? I feel like that raccoon. Only the blanket is on fire and I am in a state of paralyzed distress. I’m finding it hard to write these days. Well, that’s not true, it’s more accurate to say “this year”. I’d been blaming it…

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The Definitive Amsterdam English Bookstore Book Tour

Looking for English books in Amsterdam? You’ve come to the right place. As someone who loves 1) books, 2) a bargain, and 3) giving unsolicited advice, I’ve combined all three, and put together the Definitive Amsterdam English Bookstore Book tour. What is this Definitive Amsterdam English Bookstore Book Tour? The Definitive Amsterdam English Bookstore Book…

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An Honest Tenancy Application To A Potential Landlord

Application letters are nerve-wracking, especially tenancy applications. Writing a half-page introduction that’s meant to persuade a person you’ve never met that you are equal parts capable and likable, is a nightmare to get right. Because, up until recently, I was in the unfortunate situation of searching for an apartment in Amsterdam, I’ve had to write…

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I Read 100 Books In 2021: Here Were My Top 20

In 2021, I read 100 books. It might have meant spending the two weeks leading up to New Year’s speedreading eight books, but what matters is that in the end, I made it. Of the 100, I’m highlighting 20 of my favorite reads last year, in no particular order.

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Why Growing Up In A Small Town Isn’t Boring

If you’ve ever grown up in a small town where nothing ever happens, you know what it’s like to have to get creative with your free time. We did our best to fill our free time with creative and chaotic activities that I’ve only realized in retellings during adulthood were maybe a little strange. Here…

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An Open Apology to the Non-Fiction, Self-Help Genre

Hi, my name’s Nicole, and I’m a reformed non-fiction, self-help book hater. Previous blogs may make it seem like I hate non-fiction, especially of the self-help variety. It’s not that I hate it, it’s that it’s not what gets me fired up when choosing books. At least it wasn’t until last year.

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Reasons LinkedIn Influencers are The Worst

LinkedInfluencer: a social media influencer whose primary platform is LinkedIn. Those whose every other post is a humblebrag, rooted in hustle culture, who subscribe to that “if I can do it, so can you” mentality – disregarding that their upbringing came with all the privilege in the world.

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